About CSPC

What We Believe

Christ Satisfies Presbyterian Church and its leadership believes that the Bible, the Old & New Testaments, is the only powerful, clear, authoritative, inerrant, sufficient, and necessary revelation of God.

We believe the Bible is sufficient as faithfully administered through the local church for everything we need for life and godliness.

We believe the gospel is the revelation of Jesus Christ, God’s one & only Son, in His person as the God-man; His offices as Prophet, Priest, and King; and in His work for the redemption of mankind.

We believe and teach that through repentant faith in Jesus Christ anyone can be saved and be a productive member of his or her local church, family, community and country.

We believe that through a solid, Bible-teaching, local church one can come to the knowledge of salvation and become an assured, productive, fruitful believer through the ordinary means of grace as revealed in the Scripture.

We believe God commands us to reach out toward Him through worship and zealously share His saving gospel with others.

We believe that group Bible study, prayer, and one-on-one discipleship are God’s means to develop mature Christians that have strong, healthy relationships and are productive, fruitful members of the local church.

Mission Statement

Christ Satisfies Presbyterian Church exists to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through the church and the ordinary instruments of grace as well as zealous frontline evangelism for the sake of His name and the good of people.

The ordinary instruments of grace are: reading the Scriptures, preaching, praise & worship, prayer, Statements of Faith, sacraments & occasional oaths, and the fellowship of believers. (Acts 2:42)

Vision Statement

Christ Satisfies Presbyterian Church desires to see the precious souls in College Hill and the surrounding areas trust and follow Jesus Christ as revealed and known in the gospel and Reformed faith. We also long to glorify God through exercising the Scriptural “one another’s” in the local church and to zealously share the saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.