Pastor Jimbo Mullen is the church planting pastor of Christ Satisfies Presbyterian Church (CSPC) and the Founder and Director of Christ Satisfies Ministries (CSM), which is now a ministry of Westminster Presbyterian Church located in Brandon, FL.  He and his wife, Anne, have four children – Titus (15), Phoebe (13), Jude (12) and Hadassah (12).  CSM began on October 24, 2005, in Minneapolis, MN. Pastor Jimbo ministered in North Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, prior to expanding the ministry and relocating to the Tampa Bay Area of Florida in the fall of 2013.

In Florida, Pastor Jimbo began ministering through community outreach & evangelism in the College Hill neighborhood of Tampa and along the Nebraska Ave. N. corridor. His gospel outreach efforts reach prostitutes, pimps, gang members, drug dealers, troubled youth, the homeless and the urban poor.  Additionally, he ministers to inmates at the Polk County Jail twice each week.  An organic outgrowth of his outreach, evangelism and mercy ministry is the College Hill church plant, Christ Satisfies Presbyterian Church.  Pastor Jimbo desires to see a strong, Reformed, Bible-believing, local church in the community that will share the saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who live and work there.  This local body of believers will be a place for members of the community to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ as they come together to worship and fellowship with one another.