The Gospel

Covenant of Works

The Bible teaches that God created all things and made man in His own image.  God made a covenant of works with the first man, Adam.  God’s covenant with man included the absolute command of obedience.  If man failed or chose to disobey, God told him that he would die – spiritually, physically, and eternally.  When Adam chose to rebel against God, he as the representative and king of all mankind came under God’s judgement and wrath.  Adam experienced spiritual death, the beginning of physical death (entropy), and came under the judgement of eternal damnation the moment he rebelled.  Since Adam’s fall, all mankind has been born spiritually dead and are rebels toward God deserving of eternal damnation due to our union with our first father, Adam, and our own human rebellion and sin.  God added to the requirements of the Covenant of Works by giving us the Ten Commandments to show us and teach us the severity of our sin.  God gave us His law, the Ten Commandments, to show us our inability to be good on our own and to drive us to look upward to Him for help.

Genesis 1:26-28, 2:16-17, 3:1-14
Romans 1:18-3:18, 5:20
Galatians 3:23-24

Covenant of Grace

After the Fall, God made another covenant with man by His mere grace and mercy.  Although mankind as represented in Adam as well as Adam’s wife, the woman, blatantly defied God, He condescended to promise a Covenant of Grace – a future Redeemer, a believing line of people, and a victory in the future (Genesis 3:15).  At the Fall, Adam forfeited his kingdom of the earth.  As an act of just wrath for man’s sin, God allowed Satan to become the king of this world and the influencer of fallen Adam, the woman, and all-natural mankind as well as the prosecuting attorney against mankind in the heavenly courtroom of God Almighty.  In God’s Covenant of Grace promise, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head and you will strike his heal.”  (Genesis 3:15), Satan and his roles would be defeated, justice would be satisfied, and some of fallen mankind who trusted in this future, promised Savior would be redeemed.  This promised, future Redeemer continued to be revealed through God’s historic and progressive revelation.  Thus, this Covenant of Grace promise was given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Moses, David, Isaiah, and many other Old Testament prophets until the Promised Redeemer became a man and fulfilled the whole law as well as died a substitutionary death to pay the price for our rebellion against the law.  He rose from the grave on the third day, appeared to His disciples and 500 others, and then rose to heaven to sit at the right hand of God Almighty.  The Son of God sent the Holy Spirit to empower, awaken, teach, convict and compel faith and obedience to God through trust in God’s Promised Son and Savior.  This Son of God is Jesus Christ as clearly revealed in the Scripture.

All those who repent of their sins (confessing them to God and turning from them to God for salvation) and put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will be saved!

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2 Samuel 7:12-16
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